A list of ongoing projects

A list of active projects that are constantly evolving. To prevent spam, most of these websites or applications require a registered account for full functionality. You are of course welcome to register a guest account.

GPT2-based Chatbot

Have a conversation with my virtual chatbot! ProcrastoBot is powered by transformers and DialoGPT and served by Flask and Gunicorn. Check out the blog section if you would like to learn more about how it was built. Please be aware that I’m still training and testing the language model for this chatbot, so performance will vary and responses might be inappropriate/undesirable. But if you’re behaving, ProcrastoBot will normally too!

Fun with sensors

This website collects readings from an Enviro+ air quality sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero. Data are stored on a MySQL database on PythonAnywhere, the web application is made with Flask and Python. All associated scripts can be found on my github page.


An old-style community forum based on the SMF message board software. Active in various iterations since 2005. Registered users only.

CS50 finance game

A fun little game based on the CS50 finance code. Register an account, buy and sell shares of your favourite stock and see how much money you lose in the process. Web application made with Flask, Python and SQLite3.

My github page

Code from various projects I’m working on.